Top 5 Best Single Speed Road Bikes For You

You can easy find single speed road bike on the market right now, However if you have not knowledge clearly about them it’s maybe you will mistake when buying a one. Below are top 10 best road bikes I highly recommend for you. Just choose one of them.


Takara Kabuto Bike

The Takara kabuto also performed exemplary in the latest review. The handcrafted steel frame bike received much praise for its flexibility of employing a standard freewheel and fixed gear wheel which gave the user the ability to choose which of those concepts to employ in the riding. You can change type of bike you like it’s maybe single speed bike or fixed gear bike. Weighing 29.5 pounds was a good enough reason to give it the best review.Notably,the bike was also praised for its strong steel frames one of them describing it as a firm and strong bike ever seen. The bike also featured among the top for its warranty policy. Negative sentiments were also forwarded by some of them who felt that the bike was too expensive for that quality. Some customers would also complain of poor packaging and that the assembling was not done to the best.

Critical Cycles Classic Bikes

This bike got a good review for its ability to satisfy customers of every kind in terms of height,size,and color preference. Also its adjustability was a key factor that made it perform among the top. Many customers were delighted by the fact that you can change the handlebars and replacing them with BMX handle bars that gives you an upright posture.The crank and the seat made of alloy rather than steel which made it lighter and improved its flexibility. The bike also gave the cyclists a smooth ride form its sealed bearings and double wall rings. Its greatest downfall was the inability of the bike to have a freewheel to allow the cyclists to coast. Otherwise it would have performed much better than it did this time.

Vilano Edge Bike

The stylish urban fixed bike was hyped for its price. It was “great price great bike “allover. Many customers felt that the manufacturer did a good job in pricing the bike. However other factors also played a role in putting at the top. Assembling of the bike was an easy task to many customers. Although the bike was abit heavy, most customers didn’t complain of it.It rolls nicely; one of the customers noted. The cons of this bike came in when customers complained that the seat fit did notfit, others would complain about brake pads and someone actually said the quality of the bike was meh.The worst review on it was a comment from one of the customers who gave it a rating of one with a comment saying that it was a piece of junk. Must have been very frustrated. It made it to top 5 though that tells you it can perform better.

Pure Fix Cycles Road Bike

This bike performed the best with the second highest reviews. What worth noting is the fact that 65% gave this bike a five star. Thisgreat performance could have been attributed to the greatest simplicity that the bike offers. Among the strongest points to note also was the weight of the bike. Its light weight was a charm to many customers who termed it as a featherweight machine. Maneuverability was also an applauded attribute that scored high for this bike.

Perhaps the most important aspect for this bike was because of the fact that every individual of every height had their own frame size length. This stood out as the best marketing strategy for this bike.

On the other hand there are those that felt that the brake pads were a little loose with one of the review talks of a crush in to a nearby bush. How very tragic. Someone also complained of the paint peeling off leaving the bike ugly and unpleasant.

Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike

Simplicity took this bike to the top 3 chats. It was applauded by many customers for its simplicity in assembling. The issue of cost also made it to be at the top as customers felt that they got the value of their money on the purchase of this bike. It would be largely described as fit for the price. However there were much complains and I thought they were just tomany. First several people complained about size, that it could not accommodate people of short heights and that where parents felt that their kids were neglected. Peeling off of paint was also an issue and it seems that people want to look fancy in these bikes really so someone must take not of that. Generally it received a good review.

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