How to Choose Snowboard Bindings for the right Way

Choosing the right snow board bindings is problematic. It is not only to you but even to most of the people that consider themselves smart buyers. However, by following the right guidelines you will stick within your budget and at the same time get the best deal ever. This article looks at three guidelines namely:

  • Ensure you buy a binding that fits your boot as well as the board appropriately.
  • Select a binding bearing the performance features for your own style of riding.
  • Make up your mind on the kind of attachment system you need as well as the rest of the convenience features you are interested in.

Size/fitting of snow board bindings

how-choose-snowboard-bindingsYou have to consider some three basic things. Firstly, ensure the heel of the boot fits into the heel cup of the binding in question. An appropriate fit is that which allows the boot heel to make in and out movements into the binding without jamming. From side-to-side, it needs to allow for a little wiggle. The problem that arises when you choose a fit that is too tight is that during cold temperatures and snow build-ups, your moving in and out will get more troubling.

Secondly, ensure the front of the boot as well as the curvature of the binding’s toe ramp stay in contact while you are placing the boot in the binding. The bindings toe ramp must end before the boot.

Lastly, ensure that the straps get properly aligned with the center of the straps coinciding with the centre of the boot. To double check this, your must place your foot in the boot.


Check out the material used to make base plate and the heel cup. The commonly used materials are metal, composite of plastic and metal. The ones made of plastic are quite durable but are heavier as compared to the composite base plates. The composite base plates usuallyprovide some vibration dampening effect, typically rigid and lighter of weight as compared to the plastic ones. The metal base plates on the other hand are the most rigid and that empowers riders with real-time control and response. However, their dampening effect is quite minimal.

Softer footbeds are known to absorb a lot more of vibrations emanating from the board. Asides from that, they facilitate hard landings from bigger jumps making the perfect option for freestyle riders. Harder footbeds provide the rider with some real-time reactions plus a skate-like feel. Both the jibbers and the aggressive freeriders like the hard footbeds.

Attachment system

There are two strap categories. There are straps with more or less padding. More padding will definitely help obtain more comfort. However, there will little response and feel. Also be careful on the way the Toe Strap fits. The convertible ones are advantageous because you are able to even ride with your ankle strap a bit looser. As a result, you will get to benefit from a wide range of motion in the ankle while still maintaining top performance.

It is important to take your time before choosing your best snowboard bindings. Those people that fail at choosing the bindings wisely do not get to enjoy a lot of benefits enjoyed by those that choose the right ones. For example, choosing wisely may be the secret behind you benefiting from a wide range of motion. By following the above stipulated tips, you will reap a wide range of benefits and improve on your performance.

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