Difference between bbcor bats and composite baseball bats

A baseball bat is a smooth stick or club that is used for hitting the ball after being thrown by the pitcher. It is used in the baseball sport. Baseball is a sport that can be performed children and adults.

Swing weight.

When the bat moves, it entails the swing weight. This is measured around the pivot point. When the bat oscillates, its point of balance, total weight and the time limit for it to oscillate determines the swing weight. The composite baseball bat can manage its weight by distributing evenly since the composite materials are lighter and easily manipulated while the BBCOR baseball bat is made of heavy aluminum material thus the swing weight can be a great issue since its heavy.

Trampoline effect.


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Trampoline effect entails the act when the baseball jumps off the bat at collision. A stiffer barrel tends to slow down the baseball impact at contact because it loses the energy when in during the contact and a softer barrel dictates a faster impact at contact because the baseball retains the energy during collision. Hence, in comparison the composite bats are designed in such a way that along the handle it’s stiffer and the barrel is softer thus when the ball comes into contact with the barrel it doesn’t lose energy and the handle retains the stiffness.


When the baseball does not come into contact with the sweet spot of the bat, it may lead to stings on the hand of the baseball players due to the impact of vibrations. This goes hand in hand with the bat‘s bending stiffness. The BBCOR bats have a higher bending stiffness thus producing higher vibrational frequencies with a low damping rate making the players to feel the sting effect on their hands more. On the other hand, the composite bats have a higher damping rate which enables them to lessen the vibrational impact experienced thus the ball players are not able to feel the sting effect on their hands when the ball does not hit the sweet spot.

Cold conditions sport.

The composite bats are made of polymers. These make it to crack when in cold conditions while the BBCOR bats are the best during the cold conditions since they are not susceptible to cracking. This is because the BBCOR are made of strong aluminum alloys that strengthens them wholly thus can endure any form of temperature.


The composite and BBCOR bats sound very differently. The sound dictates the performance of the sport. The composite bats produce a crackling sound while the BBCOR produce a ping sound. When the players switch from one bat to another for example if they switch from the BBCOR bats to the composite bats, they will not be satisfied with their performance since they tend to perceive the sound that a bat produces as a performance issue. When switching to another bat that produces a different sound they will be unsatisfied with the performance. The composite produces much of a ‘pop’ sound while the BBCOR bats produce a ‘ping’ sound.

Bending stiffness.

In composite materials the bending stiffness can be adjusted without changing the overall stiffness of the bat while the bending stiffness in the BBCOR bats is very high and cannot be changed at any circumstance. With the higher bending stiffness the baseball player can be able to feel the stingy effect on the hand. You can pick the best bbcor baseball bats at this site.

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